Adapt To Marketing With Social Media

Adapt To Marketing With Social Media

Are there any business owners who still believe social media is just for sharing pictures of dinner, or posting a dozen selfies throughout the day? Surely you’re aware that it’s a potent marketing tool as well.

Learning to market content or services through social media can have tremendous effects, but whether they’re ultimately good or bad will depend on how well you understand the concept of social media marketing.

What is social media?

Many younger folks are glued to their phones and constantly posting to their social media, but some older men and women may not even know what a “tweeter” or “placebook” are. Even though many have hopped on the Facebook bandwagon, it’s perfectly understandable that they might not be as adept as kids who’ve practically grown up with social media.

The term “social media” doesn’t refer to a single site, but all the various websites collectively, each of which functions in its own way. Facebook is a full-blown social networking platform that allows everyone to post absurdly long political or religious screeds, and you can even make an album to support your beliefs!

Twitter is less about long, unpleasant rants and more about short-and-sweet, to-the-point updates in 140 characters or less. These two are the most popular in general as well as for marketing purposes, there are plenty others, such as Tumblr or Instagram. The former is closer to a blog-like format rather than social media, and the latter is the one for snapping pics of your dinner.

Social media and SEO are connected,and can affect each other. You might not have recognized this, but social media marketing is a vital tool for promoting any content or service online, and it can have a huge impact if you can adapt to it well.

Rules of social media marketing

You can’t play the game if you don’t know the rules. First off, when it comes to marketing with social media, you shouldn’t just post a single update about your product and return to your other duties, assuming that you’re done with social media for the day.

Social media is known as that because it’s… well, social. You need to read what your target audience is saying and respond when necessary.

That fits right into a tried-and-true maxim of business operations in the past: quality over quantity. You don’t want to reach thousands of people who don’t actually care about your product.

A mere thousand who actually uses and talk about your service or product is far more preferable. But to get that thousand via social media, you’ll need to have some patience.

Unless your service or product goes viral overnight and explodes into the Internet’s next Grumpy Cat, you’re probably not going to get immediate results. You’ll have to pursue the battle of social media marketing patiently as you cultivate your audience.

Remember: quality over quantity. A jack-of-all-trades is a master of none, as we used to say, and while most of us can be better than a master of one, it’s often wiser not to take that risk with your business.

If you run a restaurant that serves breakfast throughout the day, there’s no need to serve shrimp and chicken. Most people don’t eat fried chicken or shrimp for their first meal of the day.

Your mission should be not only to focus primarily on one task but also to craft a smart strategy for your social media marketing. To help you understand and adapt to the wonder that is social media marketing, you can turn to us at Supple Solutions.

Among other things, we are experts in social media marketing, and we’ll be glad to extend a helping hand, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

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