Custom Software Development

We deliver custom web and enterprise applications for various industries using some of the most popular software technologies viz. Microsoft.NET, PHP, Java, etc.

This process involves three phases:-

Each of our assignments start with a patient hearing of our clients’ requirements. We believe in constructive dialogue and endeavor to start providing inputs from the initial stage itself. This joint discussion with the client enables us to understand the background and key business objectives sought from the engagement.

Based on the discussion, we, jointly with you identify the possible opportunities for which, we can build business solutions. re-engineering opportunities for which CreOwn can build business solutions.Upon refining the requirements collected from you, our team presents an engagement plan that details the suggested team structure, technology platform and development process to be followed along with the milestones and estimates for various activities. Once the documentation is complete and duly signed, the development and execution phase begins.

Our experienced business analysts and project managers study the functional and non-functional requirements and frame detailed technical documentation for the engineering team to build appropriate systems. Each requirement is tagged with a unique ID to help track and verify development progress from its initial definition to final testing and release.

We follow Agile methodologies while executing the projects. In that, project manager prepares a project plan that details scope, milestones, strategies and tracking and control mechanisms. During this stage, we prepare detailed architecture designs, entity relationship diagrams and database designs.

Post the design / architecture stage, the development of the code commences. The project manager enforces Test Driven Development and Code review as a critical part of the project development process. This ensures that the quality of coding conforms to industry best practices and that the code is readable, clean and maintainable.

Once the module / specific functionality is ready, the QA team tests the application using various methods against various test cases, test plans and user acceptance criteria. In addition to unit and functional testing, integration testing is performed by combining the various modules and testing them end-to-end.

Once the in-house testing is completed, the code is released to the client for conducting the User Acceptance testing (UAT) at their end. On completion of the successful UAT, the code / product / program goes live.

With over a decade of software development experience, working for some of the leading companies in the world, we offer the following benefits to our client.

  • Expertise in open source and proprietary technologies including Microsoft.NET, Java, PHP.
  • A fine-tuned process framework that focuses on quality, security and performance.
  • Expertly designed bespoke solutions that fit your entire business requirements
  • Domain proficiency across industries & geographies.