Facts on Open Source Website Development

Facts on Open Source Website Development

Open source website development is the process using which software specifically open-source software is developed through an open-source software project. The source codes of this software are available publicly on the internet. These software products contain their source code under a license of open source that helps one to study and improve the design or do some alteration and changes. Some products which are a popular example of open-source are Android, VLC media player, Mozilla Firefox, Office and Google Chromium.

Open-source software development has played an important role in the creation of the World Wide Web. This fact is very popular among people as Tim Berners-Lee contributed the original HTML code platform and code based on which the internet is built. HTML is the easiest programming that can be done just by using notepad.

Why should one consider using Open-Source?

There is an array of reasons behind people preferring open-source software development so of them are as follows

People prefer open source software to proprietary software for a number of reasons, including:

  • Controlling the activities of the software

A huge number of people consider using open source software as they have more knowledge about that software. They can control the working of the code and ensure that it does not perform any such activity that it is not supposed to perform. If anything is unsatisfactory, the codes can be changed or modified in the way one likes. Users do not need to be programmers to benefit from this open source website development software. This is because they can alter the codes of the software and use it in their way and not like what others want or prefer.

  • Training

Many people prefer Open source website development software as it assists them to program better and grow as a programmer. The codes of this open source software are available publicly; hence it allows students to study and learn in a better way and create software. Students can also invite critiques and comments by sharing their work on different platforms and forums. The easy access makes it popular among the students. This sharpens their skills. People must share their experience and mistakes with others so that they can assist them in avoiding similar mistakes.

  • Security offered by the software

The open source software is considered to be more stable and secure than other software. There are changes of others correcting any mistake in the coding as people view the coding in Open source website development software. The mistakes, missed by the original author get corrected in many cases by others. There are auto compilations available and this makes the execution of the program easier.

  • Stability while working on this software

Often people prefer Open source website development software over other software for long-term projects. As the source code is distributed openly, the programmers tend to rely on them for their critical tasks. The major reason for preferring it is that the programming language is easy to understand and errors detection is simplified. Moreover, the open source website development software maintains open standards while incorporating and operating on software and codes.

Advantages of using Open Source website development

  1. Agility and flexibility offered by the platform
  2. It is highly cost-effective
  3. Speed
  4. Highly secured platform
  5. Helps in starting small
  6. Has the ability to attract in a better way
  7. Maintenance cost is less and can be shared with others.
  8. It is the future of the technological world


Open-source website development is the ultimate solution in today’s technologically advanced era. A maximum number of open-source software are made available to people free of cost, however some of them are available at premium versions. The open source software comes with a software source code that can be easily modified, changed, inspected and enhanced. In most cases, computer users are not able to see the source code. It is the code that can be manipulated by computer programmers to change or manipulate a piece of program, software or application.

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