Features of Sitecore CMS Development

Features of Sitecore CMS Development

Sitecore is a software company recognized globally. It provides two main products

  • Digital Marketing System
  • CMS

The DMS is completely adaptive whereas the CMS is very powerful. This is one of the most popular content management systems which are present at the enterprise level. The system is built on Asp.NET platform which enables marketers and editors of web content to have complete control over different aspects of the website from blog posts, social integration to e-commerce, personalization and much more. It was launched in the year 2001. The .NET platform was used by the Sitecore CMS development from the very first day since the launch of the language. The popularity of Sitecore CMS development language has grown hugely over the past few years. It now runs on the seventh version that is .NET 2.0 or 4.0. The core was made from scratches once again to make sure all the advancements and improvements in the latest version have been included in the ASP.NET 4.5.

Sitecorecms development uses the language C# for its backend coding. The final HTML pages are developed using ASP.NET MVC or ASP.NETWeb Forms. It uses either of them which are suitable. This proves the point that one can use any .NET Framework programming language. The most used language is C# along with VB.NET however one can use F# language framework as well.

Databases of Sitecorecms

The CMS of the Sitecorecms development is made up of three web applications and databases:

  • The Core database

The membership is managed by this core database of the Sitecore. It is created using ASP.NET membership that ensures the working of the of the standard .NET membership. It handles the complete configuration for each and every application present in CMS. It also takes care of the system settings in the CMS. One can access the core database through the CMS and also configure all of the settings by overriding primary functionality. One can create his or her own applications; add functionality and buttons to the editors.

  • Master database

The entire content editor work is done by the master database. When content is freshly created, it is stored here, and any editing or deleting required is done. The preview mode creations are also stored here and modified or deleted from this database. The workflow can be customized and enabled for the master database. The parts of the sites can be settled to some particular roles and are passed through a translator and an approver before going live.

  • Web database

The live content for databases is stored in the web database. It is a bit different from the master database as it does not contain items of the preview mode. The live versions of each item are only stored unlike in master database where the preview is stored. After a content editor publishes some item, it is copied to the web database from the master database.

Some of the benefits of Sitecorecms development are as follows which makes it so popular in the market:

  1. Community Ecosystem
  2. In-built functionality
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Multilingual
  5. Media Management

The security feature of Sitecorecms development is extraordinary, and the developers can implement and use this feature in the best way possible for them. Security is a matter of concern for people and developers using Sitecorecms development do not have to worry about the safety factor. The codes are checked and verified by highly qualified professionals, and one can use it without any tension.

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