Introduction to Digital Marketing

Introduction to Digital Marketing

In today’s world, nobody has the time or patience to hire marketers and get their products marketed traditionally. Everything is technology oriented, and everyone wants to make money quickly, and this has become quite a successful expedition with the help of Digital marketing.

This is one of those marketing techniques which use the Internet as the main source to promote the products, aid business or any other services. This has become quite a popular one since the 1990s. Visiting physical shops or getting an advertisement printed can cost a lot of money hence; people nowadays are choosing Digital Marketing as the first priority when it comes to marketing.

There are mainly two reasons for people to choose this means over any other; the first one being quick and the second one being the reach. To create a Digital marketing campaign, you may have, and once the advertisement is published, it can reach up to millions and millions of people across the globe within no time. Hence, this has become one of the easiest and the popular ways of Marketing in today’s world. Also, imagine paying for advertisements. Now the advertisement is just one click away and the cost is just the data package one pay for.

Methods of Digital Marketing

There are mainly two major methods that are used in Digital marketing

SEO – Search Engine Optimization and SEM – Search Engine Marketing and apart from these two methods there are others related to Content, and they are Content Marketing and Content Automation.

  • SEO is one of those methods which are followed in order to drive the organic traffic to a website, and this is directly linked to the revenue of the business. Hence, a lot of people nowadays spend ample amount of time and money on the SEO experts. This will help your advertisement be on the top of search results.
  • SEM is one of those techniques which focus on the promotion of the websites on the Search Engine results. If the website ranking is listed in the first ten pages of the search results then, the website is likely to make more profit. Hence, this is one of those methods which are followed extensively in Digital Marketing Space.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

  • Quick response

Digital Marketing helps people are able to market their products within no time to a larger group of people. When they reach to the target audience is high, the business opportunities also become quite higher. Hence, there is a quick response to this marketing strategy.

  • Choices

There are several choices that can be made when it comes to running a Digital Marketing Campaign. When an advertisement is created, the user can customize it to their need in terms of the reach to the target audience. They can set the priority based on the demographic details and also the time period to run the campaign.

  • Cost-effective

When compared to the other means of marketing and advertisement, Digital marketing has proven to be cost-effective as people get a choice to customize their campaigns according to their budget. Hence, a lot of people these days use Digital Marketing as one of the major means to market their products.

  • Several Platforms

Here the user can prefer any platform out of the many available. However; running an analysis to understand the different platforms and the ones that are suitable for your business has to be done in order to reach to a wider audience.


When there is a method which is effective, and at the same time cost-effective it is quite natural to use them. However; understanding the tricks of Digital Marketing is also equally important when you are using this means of marketing to gain profit.

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