Missing out on SEO during website development can be a costly mistake.

Missing out on SEO during website development can be a costly mistake.

Imagine this. You’ve spent a large amount of money to make a new website that gives you more awareness and quality, leading to an increase in your business revenue. Your website is ready, launched and after that, you realize that even after making a beautiful website, visitors are not converting into leads, bounce rate is high and your website is not helping to shoot your revenue up. After analyzing you find that your website is not SEO-friendly, and you’ll need to invest more money to make it loved by Google, Bing and other search engines. Feel like lost? Yes, it’s very important to include SEO in website development.

Be it a dedicated SEO services provider or a complete website development company, you should ask to include SEO-friendly features on a website. Consulting SEO services provider or experts before making or revamping a website is critical for your business’ success. Being on the first-second page of Google is important as 75% of Google search go to websites which are top-ranked on important keywords. An experienced website development company will tell you that SEO is a long-term investment and one can get desired results if is maintained properly.

Some expert tips from SEO services provider to enhance your website

  • Use internal linking and connect different pages of your website
  • Conduct keyword analysis and use it accordingly on your website
  • Have crisp, clear and keyword-rich content
  • Have a definite and comprehensive social media strategy
  • List your business on Google with detailed information & services
  • Have a blog which is regularly updated with new content
  • Regularly updated news and events on the media page

What should a website development company avoid while making a website?

  • Linking to other websites or blogs for more information
  • Getting multiple domains registered for one website
  • Doing plagiarism and copying content from competitor websites
  • Paying for poor quality backlinks or using linking building schemes
  • Getting SEO services from fraudulent offers received on mail

It is imperative that if you are making a new website or revamping your old one, investing in SEO-friendly features can go a long way in making your business succeed.

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