Performance Testing

We have dedicated and focused group of engineers who are experts in developing performance tests for applications. These engineers not only are experienced in commercial performance testing tools like load runner but are also proficient in testing with different performance testing tools. The team has a lot of experience in web applications, mobile applications, web services, APIs and internet based desktop applications.

Our performance engineering team helps organization scale their application by identifying performances bottlenecks and tuning. Our performance engineering cover pre-production and production scenario testing including.

  • Production performance projection
  • Performance modeling
  • Application profiling

With our expertise in performance testing, we offer following advantages:

  • Increase business revenue by ensuring the system can process the transaction within the requisite timeframe.
  • Eliminate the system failures
  • Eliminate avoidable system rework due to performance issues and eliminate tuning efforts at later stage.
  • Reduce production downtime, software maintenance cost and operational overheads