Social Networking

Social networking has gained tremendous traction in recent years for people to engage with each other. Instant sharing of ideas and thoughts via scraps, micro-blogging and sharing of media like pictures, video and music help people bond more closely with friends, colleagues and other community members. This collaboration happens on general social media sites as well as on vertical specific sites like travel, healthcare and entertainment etc. It also helps to brand the product of companies and place them accordingly for maximum brand awareness.

Social networking websites have become a popular place for people to spend a large amount of their time. Social networking websites are a primary medium to deliver messages and voice opinions.

CreownTech helps build open interactive communities for social networking as well as niche social networking websites on many verticals like travel, healthcare, education, entertainment etc. Such products are designed in a way that they can be smoothly integrated with other web platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Slide-Share, YouTube and mails like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail etc. using their API’s.


Businesses are now more sensitive towards customer needs. They are redesigning their websites to incorporate social networking elements. This enables organizations to collect customer feedback and integrate them for provision of better products and services. This proactive customer engagement also creates customer loyalty.

We can help business realize its social marketing potential by understanding, designing and executing their social networking initiatives. We can build platforms, applications, websites and portals that use the power of social networking collectively with other web 2.0 tools. We can help you to intimately engage your customers with your brand and create favorable opinion about your business and its products / services.