Super 6 Benefits of using .NET MVC Development framework

Super 6 Benefits of using .NET MVC Development framework

Microsoft did a complete overhaul of .Net framework and came up with ASP.NET MVC 6. It provides a versatile development environment consisting of standard & essential components. Although MVC or motion view controller was introduced as a part of ASP.Net, it continued to integrate other libraries and APIs. It has garnered a reputation of being the fastest, flexible and easy-to-build framework among developers. Here are some of its benefits.

  • Common web development framework

Unlike previously where MVC, Web API, and Web Pages had separate implementations, in ASP.NET MV6 all of them are merged into a single framework. MVC web development services helps in removing duplication from the framework and makes it easy, quick and simple for developers to create applications.

  • Syncs seamlessly with cloud-based web applications

MVC web development services is optimized for cloud-based apps and hence requires minimal system memory. It is highly flexible and allows running of different CLR versions for several websites. Developers are less dependent on system and its configurations.

  • Cross-platform Compatibility

ASP.Net MVC 6 is capable of running on Linux, Mac or any other platform that supports mono framework. In its attempt to constantly upgrade, Microsoft has ongoing tests running to check cross compatibility of current builds on several platforms.

  • Tag Helpers

ASP.NET MVC Development framework can revolutionize web views and offers great flexibility to use tags. It makes way for separating views with tags, and hence helps to develop alternative syntax just the way HTML5 is there. It also offers additional functionality that was previously difficult in case of helper methods. Each and every tag helper portrays diverse behaviour and offers different options.

  • Quick & Efficient Development

Because of its highly advanced Roslyn Compiler, MVC 6 framework makes development extremely easy and is extremely agile as compilation of code is not necessary, and codes are compiled into apps automatically.

  • Enhanced HTTP execution

The new HTTP request pipeline feature of MVC 6 is quick and highly modular, helping developers to include only the needed components. As the components are minimal in the pipeline, the overall experience with the application is much better.

As a result, ASP.NET MVC 6 framework comes as a boon for web developers working in .net framework. Its great features and agile development environment makes development process fast, efficient and effective.

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