Which Technologies Are Best For Website Development?

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Web development has become necessary nowadays. There are innovations coming up daily along with new trends. The business owners need to keep in touch with the latest trends to ensure that their business is doing well. There are many things to consider while keeping in mind the web development. One needs to see the database configuration/mapping, web APIs, the visual look of a website, website services, caching, and other features.

There are different frameworks, which help in web development. The online space is growing rapidly, there are more features, which are incorporated, and it is becoming even more complicated. The customers are not easily satisfied because they want the latest technology trends. There are many web development frameworks in the market nowadays, but it becomes difficult to find anyone. Let us see some of the best frameworks that can be used for website development.

# Angular JS

Angular JS

When it was developed, it was known as Angular JS. It is a JavaScript framework, which was developed by Google and specifically to create the dynamic web applications. The framework was used for developing the front-end based apps without the help of any other plugins, which were necessary earlier. Some of the best features, which are provided by Angular, are:

  1. The templates show information about the controller and the model.
  2. Angular supports view, model, and controller architecture. The developer has to split up the app, which is available in the components of MVC and others are managed by Angular.
  3. The other expressions, which are known as code snippets are enclosed within curly braces and they do not use any conditional statements or loops. They help in formatting data and then display it.

# Ruby on Rails

Rubi Rails

The web development framework on the server side is built using Ruby, which is a programming language. The code is reusable and it helps in making the development of the web apps easier and faster. There are also some additional functionalities, which could be added. Some of the advantages of using Ruby, are:

  1. Ruby is a flexible programming language, which is suitable to be used in any business fields be it some platform that builds a site or a project management site.
  2. The development of the website is faster and the time is minimized by 30% to 40%.
  3. The existing code can be modified easily by Ruby. You can add new features to your website using Ruby. If you want long-term projects, Ruby is one language, which is suitable.



It is an open-source application, which helps in web development. It is built using PHP5. The interface is friendly. Let us see some of the features, which make it popular.

  1. There are no classes and objects, which are involved in Yii. The website gets loaded instantaneously without any delays.
  2. It is a reliable and secure platform like any other OOPs platforms.

# Meteor JS

meter js

This language is written in the Node.js and it helps developers in creating real-time web applications, which can be used in any platform. The best feature of Meteor JS is that it creates simple websites, which can be used for personal purposes. Let us see some of the features of Meteor JS.

The same code can be used for developing web, iOS, desktop, or Android.

# Express JS

express js

Express JS is used for developing a web application in Node.js. To develop the websites, you need to have a simple knowledge of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. If you want to develop APIs and simple web services, you need to use Express JS.

We have discussed some of the best frameworks that you could use to develop web applications. Depending on your preferences, you can settle for any of these programming languages to create web-based applications.


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